Who are we?

Toll House Jewellery, in the Pennine village of Ripponden, is a traditional, family-run business.

Toll House was founded in 1980 by working Jeweller Ian Moodie and his wife Jean. Ian began his career in 1968 at what was then his parent’s business, T.S. Moodie of Halifax.

The business is now entering it’s third generation with Ian and Jean’s daughters Nicola and Jo joining to launch the Weddings at TOLL HOUSE JEWELLERY service.

We are renowned for quality, craftsmanship and service.


Why are we called Toll House

The Toll House Jewellery premises in Ripponden were built in 1798 and in the 1800’s marked the gateway into Lancashire. The payments taken from the toll allowed improvements to be made to the local road system in and around the Ripponden area.


British hallmarks were introduced in the 1300’s to guarantee the quality of precious metal.  The hallmark consists of four marks: the assay office mark (London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh), the metal purity, the date mark and the maker’s mark.


Registered at Sheffield assay office, Ian Moodie’s maker’s mark is I.S.M.  When a piece of jewellery is commissioned, only from new metal, the unique I.S.M hallmark will be stamped upon the jewellery that is handmade here in the workshop of Toll House Jewellery.  The jewellery is sent to Sheffield for assay.